I wonder…

…just how many promo Nintendo Game & Watches are there??

Nintendo Game & Watch : TURTLE BRIDGE – DOVE Promo

I’m not a G&W expert, but I’ve never seen one of these. Must come from a French speaking country (yes, I’m a genious).
If you’re asking yourself what makes this so special, you must know that some companies used to promote themself by distributing “officially customized” Game & Watches. Eg the Japanese Pokka, which was put up for sale recently by Japan-Games.

let’s go on with Nintendo rarities:
myriad Nintendo NES CALTRON 6 IN 1 CIB

AERO FIGHTERS Super Nintendo loose

This seller puts every day some NFS Nintendo GBA & DS games – 1 day auctions

A REALLY cool clock and an original project!!!


I’ll copy-paste the description of this LE clock (400 made) from the Buro website:
“While this game of Pong randomly plays, the so called players score the time. The left player scores the hours, and the right player scores the minutes, creating an unusual timepiece, ideal for those friday afternoon moments at our headquarters.”

Halo lovers, here’s your sex doll: 6 FOOT TALL HALO2 MASTER CHIEF

A PlayStation 2 press kit:

PS2 (PAL) War of the Monsters Press Kit

Saturn Japanese rarity:

CROWS Sega Saturn JP

Weird IBM PC demo cart:

crossfire ibm pc Demo cart

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.

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