Snazzy Donkey Kong Bubble Head

Really nice looking promo item. Seller says they were “only given out to repair centers and never sold in stores”.
[phpbay]Nes Nintendo Proto Donkey Kong Bobble Head rare[/phpbay]

I like this Clock, and it would look great in a game room. Hard to justify for $50 though. Now if it were Chrono Trigger….Chrono Cross

Aahhhh… 8 Bit Porn. Cheesy and Expensive! Think this is a bit higher priced than the others lately though. if someone can confirm that, leave a comment. Bubble Bath Babes. EDIT: SOLD for 509.99
Bubble Bath Babes

This seller has a bunch of sealed NES games that are really hard to find complete, let alone sealed. Expensive, but not something that comes up often, in any Boxed form. They also have a few semi rare complete games.

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