Return Of The Standees

Nothing says “I’m the ultimate video game geek” than a nice standee. They are a great finishing touch to a game room, and even look great in the living room or kitchen. Don’t try the later though unless you’re single, or have a partner of equal geekdom.

Mario Golf Standee

You could buy a Mario Golf Standee, but it’s kinda tiny. Plus Mario Golf is a good game, but also kind boring.

God Of War II Standee

God Of War II? Now that’s more like it. 5ft tall too.

Perfect Dark N64

How about a Perfect Dark N64 Standee. Not my cup of tea, but I know how many Perfect Dark fanboys there are out there. Vintage to boot.

Lastly, it’s a Zelda Standee. Pretty intense with the holos and the 3D goodness. The Rolls Royce of standees perhaps?

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