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736 Playstation Games – 60% of Complete US Collection

I wish I had posted this earlier, as Jason or “Dangerboy” is a great guy.

He also has the distinction of being awarded “Biggest Playstation Fan” by a Sony run contest. No doubt, partly because of his 100% complete US Playstation collection. No only does he have a complete collection though, this guy collects variants.

Greatest Hits, Reprints, LE’s, and more. You name it, and he’ll be found searching fuzzy eBay photos for it. No one can read a spine title like this guy.

He also runs which has a wealth of PS1 information, and has a lot to do with the Playstation section in the Digital Press Advance Collector’s Guide.

Anyways, right now he has what I assume is the bulk of his duplicates for sale.

736 Unique Playstation Games, making up 60% of the Complete US Library.

Sitting at just over $200 right now, with 16 hours to go. I assume there’s a ton of people waiting to snipe this one, but if not, I’ll definitely be bidding. It’s just to great a deal to pass up at this price.

Especially considering there packed alphabetically. =)

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