New Sealed NES R.O.B The Robot

Grabbing a nice condition, complete ROB is no easy task. As for finding a Sealed ROB the Robot, well that’s infinitely much harder.

According to the seller:

This one has remained in the original packaging since it was shipped from the manufacturer approximately 20 years ago. I’m the first owner of the system and have been since I purchased it from a local retail store in Vancouver, Canada. I have not removed the robot from it’s packaging as you can see from the many photos I have taken below. The box has been opened approximately 10 times to view the content including taking these photograph below. The outer box does have some wear from the years of being store but is in great condition as seen.

The seller also has three different release sealed NES Systems, and sealed copies of Super Mario 1, 2, and 3.

Only two hours left for them all, so sorry about the late showcase on this one.

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