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Custom XBOX 360 Halo 3 Faceplate

From the seller:

A couple of months ago, I held a contest at It was a “Design a Faceplate” contest, and I had codes for Xbox LIVE games to give away. There were a lot of entries, but only of the Photoshop variety. So, I made a faceplate to get the ball rolling, and it was met with a very enthusiastic response. I have continued to make faceplates since then, and just this month, Official Xbox Magazine dedicated two full pages of the October 2007/Halo 3 issue to my faceplates. The issue is hitting subscribers homes right now and should be arriving in stores within the week.

This faceplate is THE actual Halo 3 faceplate pictured in the October issue of OXM. The power button has been decorated with a likeness of the Master Chief, and still works. The power light is obscured but you can see the ring of light as an, um, halo… around the Chief’s noggin. The plate is decorated in a Spartan armor color with battle damage and wear. The plate also comes with an actual size, illuminated Plasma Grenade that you can use with your costume, or display next to your Xbox, or simply stick to your pet and watch it run around, screaming “He’s everywhere!!!” I have signed and dated the plate.

The Halo faceplate in the auction is pretty decent, but a lot of his other work is much better in my mind. Check it out, by the looks of it he does custom work as well.

halo 3 custom faceplate

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