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Mega Man Robot Contest

Since Siliconera is so kind enough to link to use every now and then, I figured I would mention an awesome contest they have on at the moment.

This is the kind of contest we need to get on the go……. any suggestions for how to hit companies like Cacom up for Swag?

All you need to do to enter is submit a concept for a Mega Man robot master. You can draw your end boss by hand, paint it on a canvas, make it in Photoshop, stick macaroni pieces on paper or even build it from legos.

There’s some really nice swag too.

Megaman Signed Star Force

Grand Prize gets a signed t-shirt from Inafune-san, the creator of Mega Man and three copies of Mega Man Star Force.
Second Place gets three copies of Mega Man Star Force.
Third Place gets a copy of Mega Man Star Force.
I’d almost hate to win first price, as I could never decide between framing that shirt, or just wearing it daily.

This is a contest that the creator of Dueling Analogs needs to enter


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