Great finds! Promo videogame items, Xante, Artworks…

Today I’ve found a cool mix! Handhelds first.

Promo stuff!
Promo LCD handheld – Orangina
Promo LCD handheld – Fido

Nothing that vintage nor incredible, but something an handheld collector may consider.

SPACE INVADERS cartridge Entex Select-a-Game
Another one!

Nintendo Mario Bombs Away Panorama Game & Watch distributed by OTO
I knew that OTO distributed G&W in Italy. This one is from UK. Where can I find more infos about OTO? Any reply is much appreciated!

And now, let’s show the big ones!


Will this one be sold with a BIN like the last one?

Battletoads Media Book Tradewest Nintendo

This book was not offered for sale to the public but were produced by Rare Limited of England who developed the game and then given to Tradewest of Corsicana, TX who marketed and distributed the game in the United States for the Nintendo Game System.”

Atari Jaguar Developers Kit with Alpine Board

Also included is all the Atari Developers documentation and several DVD’s filled with Jaguar and Atari stuff. Everything works perfectly

Sega Master System Monopoly SAMPLE

Gunstar Heroes Demo cart Mega Drive JAP

Found by Nimrodil! I’ve missed this one!

N64 Logo/Mario Flicker Advertising Watch

Lenticular promo watch!

Some prize patches from Activision:
Activision Sports High Score Patches
Activision Trail Drive & Blazer High Score Patches

DK on the cereals!

From the DK Cereal commercial.

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.

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