Intellivision grails, Artworks and DC Zip Drive

Original printed book with artworks for Duckman PC Game – press

PC-related but quite cool!

Atari 2600 Store display/standee for cartridge buy two get one

Dreamcast Zip Drive

The proto is back!

Alienstatic is selling Intellivision grails!
He is an active member in some of the most important communities online. I don’t know him personally, but he must be quite an hardcore collector! Check his items!

From grails to promo boxes for unrelesed games, from mailorder versions to Demo carts!

An hidden one:
Atari 2600 lot with promo console

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.

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Mega Drive proto, Nintendo signs, Colorvision

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