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Christmas Gifts Suggestions

Xmas Gamesniped

Xmas is approaching and we all have some friends who love games…or just think that we’re completely crazy due to our collecting.
Will you give them a gift?
What will you buy?
It MUST be gaming related, that’s obvious.
Then, will you buy an overpriced (it’s Christmas!) ultra-rare-one-of-a-kind gem?
Let’s say that you would rather spend 1K USD for you and buy something more common for your dear friend.

Gamesniped suggests SMB-DH - by Nicola


I have some suggestions for you all. I know that there is one kind of item that everyone will love for sure. And it’s cheap. The useless item!
Nice, cool, sweet items that will make anyone happy!

Gifts gamesniped

Just imagine receiving a Pac-Man plush ghost or an entire lot of promo Pac-Man items, like this one:

You can find also some weird Nintendo-related items, like this awful Luigi doll from 1988

Well, I’ve made a special page that will show you all the best, original, vintage promo gadgets, patches & pins on the Bay! It’s on the right panel, under the Search Tools. Check it out!

And Merry Christmas – round one approaching!


Oh, about today’s search, I’ve forgotten to post this one:
Xbox controller S Promo

“…it was sent from Redmond, Washington (home of Microsoft) to game testers so they could not only test games with a different controller but also because third party vendors would probably copy the S controllers style.

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.

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