Retro Video Game Sprite T-Shirts

eBay seller RetroRalphs has kindly donated several prizes to our Countdown Till Christmas contest. This seller has all sorts of professionally printed T-Shirts that features all kinds of video game sprites from classic games like Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, Mega Man and more.

They’ve offer five sets of a Mousepad/T-shirt combo of the users choice. Just check out some of the awesome stuff they have!

Maybe if you win, you could go with an Earthbound T-Shirt and Mousepad combo!






Or how about a Chrono from Chrono Trigger T-Shirt and a Chrono Tirgger Party Mousepad?




Or maybe you’re not an RPG fan. Than maybe a Wood Man T-Shirt and a Megaman Mousepad will fit your fancy.

Whatever type of games you prefer, there’s definitely something here for you. the seller has even agreed to work with the winners to see if there’s something you’d rather have, something they’ll custom design for you from scratch!

Check out the rest of their video game sprite t-shirts here!

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