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Sealed Final Fantasy VII (Original Black Label)

Wow. Just wow.

sealed final fantasy 7 vii playstation 1 ps1 sealed final fantasy 7 vii playstation 1 ps1 side

$1,225.00 ending price. I missed this one while it was active, but apparently it peaked at $1,660.00 before someone retracted their bid.

(Thanks HMANL)

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  1. Hey, just wondering what actually made this go for so much, didn’t it sell pretty well before the GH line was introduced? I can see some sort of inflation, but $1,200 is baffling – any ideas?

  2. Bottom line, it’s a Final Fantasy game, pure and simple. One which is the best of the series and one of the greatest games of all time depending on who you ask.

    The prices for even the GH non sealed version is ridiculous in my opinion. Especially given the massive print runs. The damn thing is just in demand and fetches high prices. No one wants to part with it.

    I can only assume there are a few hardcore sealed PS1 or Final Fantasy collectors who want this as a gem in there collection and are willing to shell out the coin to do so.

  3. Wow! FFVII wasn’t even that good of a game, despite what anyone says. It was just ok in my opinion, but this may be due to the fact that I played it years after release. Or perhaps it is because I had already been playing RPGs on Nintendo consoles for quite a while, so it wasn’t my first RPG unlike many of the PS generation.

    Either way, I still have my copy (unsealed of course) and I believe the reasoning that people not wanting to sell their copy is the reason that this game is selling for so much now. Here I thought that RPGs like Valkyrie Profile, Suikoden II and Tales of Eternia had outragious selling prices on Ebay, but I suppose that is to be expected as RPGs are now the #1 genre of video games to retain their value it seems.

  4. I am pretty sure the ff7 pix up there is kind of fake. If look at the picture on the right. The outer seal is not correctly seal. The manufacture doesn’t seal the ps games that way. look closely around the corner area. this one on the picture was reseal by someone else. you know the way it is seal you can just do it yourself by heating the plastic. i may not have a seal version. I am have perfectly mint open one. and i am pretty sure i know how a seal look like, cause i am picky about it if i am going to pay that much for it. Better recheck it. don’t just look at the label. look at it in detail. peace

  5. Yeah, there are many FF7 non-GH fac sealed for 1/3rd that amount. I guess a bidding war ensued. Crazy! Makes me want to throw mine put on eBay 😛

    My FF7 (psx) (sealed/mint) does NOT have hologram label because it was bought from Babbage’s and they keep the displays “gutted” I know it’s perfect though (because I worked their and put the untouched “guts” back in and sealed it. I just wonder what it’s worth. I know it wouldn’t fetch a crazy amount though.
    Any ideas?

  6. Well in collecting it goes with demand and rarity. Of course the non-GH is more rare and in demand than the GH one (I’m talking in new/sealed form) because chance are if they printed GH, then most non-GH has been bought/opened (else why reprint) [yeah, I say this fast and I might be wrong, but still it makes sense to not print new copies if there is a lot of old one left, unless it is a marketing GH gimmick! “oh this games is a greatest hit, it must be good!”]

    There is other games which should be more rare, but less in demand (that is like a very rare sport cards of an unknown player versus a somewhat rare Michael Jordan cards). But Final Fantasy is know by almost anyone who have played video games a little.

    All that said, sooner or later I will probably re-think to sell some of my sealed copies of that game (that I never played [yet] but which I acquired while I was deep into video games collecting some years ago!)

  7. Whoever would pay $1,200 for a fucking PS1 game is utterly retarded. I’m not gonna lie, as much as I love FF7, I paid 14.95 canadian Brand new last year at EB Games in NB and that was more than enough money. FF7 kicks all FF games but, why the fuck would you pay so much just for one game!?

  8. It’s because of dumb people like this that the prices for simple games like this go up and down. I mean, several months ago a brand new version of the black label edition was maybe about 100 bucks. Then some dumb fool gets on there and sales it for some rediculous prices. Maybe he was the only one, so someone else decides to sell to and checks the competition and sells around what this other person is. Next thing you knew, it’s a bunch of ignorant people selling games for over 5 times what they’re worth and people who are dumb and don’t do they’re homework on the worth of the game buy it, fueling this madness. It’s just like spam and advertisement. All it takes is a few ignorant people to pay up to keep it going.

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