Nintendo World Championships cart last minute!

Nintendo World Championships 1990

Well, good feedback, legit pic, but why didn’t I see this before? 1 day auction?!?!?
Well, let the unexpected bidding war begin!!!! 6 hours left!!!!

EDIT:Buyatari said,
Its reported on that this SAME # sold or was offered for sale last year on eBay. This seller says he found at a flee market?? 1 day auction? Too fishy for me. BUYER BE CAREFULL !!!

ATARI Original Manual Artwork Road Blasters /System

This one looks weird!
ATARI “Original Manual Artwork” Road Blasters /System I Steering Control: Assembly and Maintenance Procedures.
Artwork is done on Atari Artwork paper with “Atari” logo imprinted, there are individual pieces of paper stuck onto the Artwork paper with drawn Diagrames, 2 sheets which are pages 1 to 4.


Funny promo item!

Buyatari has added new items, including a XBOX SPECIAL BILL GATES signature edition LAUNCH TEAM

Nintendo Stand Cart Display

I didn’t know about this Maccallan 3D Imager for Vectrex! What a cool and improved homebrewed piece of hardware! Many thanks to Federico (alias Fedeweb) from, our Italian community that will soon open a collection page for registered users.

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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