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Countdown To Christmas Contest Day 6 & 7

Alright everyone, sorry for my little disappearing act. The weather around these parts caused some power and internet outages which left me high and dry (and cold) for quite some time.

So here`s where we stand; the day six contest was missed. So were combing the prizes for a massive day seven giveaway!

Here`s what we have for prizes:

Three Extreme Flash Advance 256Mbit LC, GBA flash cartridges from

Two Sega Saturn Modchips from Robb Webb’s online store.

Two winners choice of a Video Game Sprite T-Shirt and Mousepad from eBay seller RetroRalphs

Two copies of Feet Of Fury for the Dreamcast, an Earthworm Jim exclusive mail away action figure and a 9 inch Donkey Kong Plush from the GoatStore

Copy of Earthbound 0 and Super Mario Bros. 2 Japanese Edition from NESREPRODUCTIONS.COM
earthbound 0super mario 2 jap

Two NES or SNES Wii RetroPorts (Winner’s Choice) from the RetroZone at

Sealed copy of Pirates! Gold for the Sega Genesis from our very own Nicola

Copies Video Game Collector #8 and VGC #1/2, Gurumin for the PSP and a complete run of issue of Video Game Collector from Video Game Collector Magazine.

As well as a brand SPANKING NEW PRIZE!

A Game Boy Test cartridge from Limbofunk of Limbofunk has put together a HUGE resource of information related to the Nintendo Authorized Repair Center Program. Definitely the biggest resource of it`s kind. Check out the site for more info, and sign the guestbook if you have a chance! Comments, feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

So How Do I Win…

Today`s contest is either the easiest, or the hardest. All you need to do is find an interesting auction, and post a link to it in the comments. Include a description in the title so we know what it is before we click through.

The top ten (or top five, depending on submissions) most interesting and gameSniped worthy auctions (as choosen by Nicola and myself) will be put into a vote on Tuesday morning. The winner, will be the one with the most votes, as chosen by you, our readers.

The winner gets a GRAND prize pack, consisting of one of everything with more than one above, as well as your choice between some of the cooler items. Anyone who hits the top ten or five, will get something however. Knowing Nicola as well, he`ll probably end up giving prizes out during the duration in the comments. I`ll see if I can round something up for the same purpose as well.


Once again, you NEED to be registered to win. That’s the only way I can confirm your the person who posted and make sure you get your prize. Go here to register.

Post as many times as you like to chat, and post as many auctions you find and want to enter.

Side note: Hotmail users are having trouble getting their registration messages. Contact me directly if you cant so I can reset your password and send it to you.


If you’ve won a previous prize, you’re ALLOWED to enter this contest. However, you can only receive one prize pack. The other goes back up for grabs. Say for example you win day two and the grand prize. If you like final one better you can take that instead, but the day one prize will be awarded to someone else. Apologies for the changes, but it’s in the interest of fairness.

In the situation someone posts the same auction, first posted takes precedence.
Auctions must be live (not ended) at the time you post, but can end before the contest ends.

Contest closing tomorrow (Monday) night so Nicola and I can choose the top ten or five. Poll will go up the following morning and stay up for two days – enough time for you to spam all your friends and get them to vote for you.

Good luck!


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  1. Aww, I won’t be any good at this… ;_; Want Earthbound 0…

    This probably goes without saying, but do the auctions need to be game-related?

  2. I think I have a winner:


    Because what is an XBOX 360 without a INFLATABLE GAME STATION?!?!

    I wonder if the younger nagging brother in the pics is included.

    “C’mon Johnny, it’s my turn! MOMMMM….. Johnny won’t let me play XBOX in the inflatable game station!”

  3. Here is the other good finds that I came across:

    Sweet Gears of War Toshiba Satellite Laptop:

    “This Laptop was a Grand Prize from a Gears of War tournament held at Digital Life ’07” .. Also apparently, one of a kind.

    Donkey Kong Country Competition Cartridge w/ case:

    And finally a interesting find in terms of a previous gamesniped find/post:

    Entire Playstation 1 Final Fantasy Set Brand New Non Greatest Hits:

    Link….I know on the December 6th you posted about the FF7 sealed non-GH that sold for $1225…. I guess in relation to that auction this one is a bargain for only $55 more….

    Anywho, thats all Ppunk has for now. Good luck everybody!


  4. Here’s my first entry.

    Nintendo Wii Big Brain Academy Wii Degree Promo Rubiks Cube:

    Metal Gear Solid Subsitance BETA PS2:

    This seller has multiple betas for Gameboy, SNES, Genesis, and Lynx:

  5. Ok, so I’m really into XBOX. Collecting modern consoles is sometimes actually harder than vintage systems. That is why I was totally excited to see this:

    A team XBOX 360 Console, given out only to members of the design team(In the pictures you can see where it says ‘I made this’) Needless to say, it is a rare piece. The white/green color combo alone sets it apart from a standard 360, but you will also notice the engraving on the HDD, and of course the faceplate is unique. Also includes a matching white/green controller. This is the first complete system I have seen. The faceplates show up once in a while, but this is a real gem. Currently at 350USD, but I expect that to rise. This will probably be extremely valuable in a few years. I wish I could afford it right now. (I was bidding on it, and almost didn’t want to post it here in fear of it getting really expensive) But if it wins me the prize today, I will be pretty happy nonetheless. 🙂

  6. To go along with your Resident Evil: Revive and your Final Fantasy Potion drinks, we have the… Street Fighter Dragon Punch Drink!!! Now even YOU can do a hadouken, shoryuken, and tatsumaki senpuu kyaku like a pro! (Or at least get a buzz from the expiring energy drink and pass out from the massive stomache you’ll incur, lol.)


  7. Alien vs Predator unreleased Lynx Proto:
    The one that never was released nor dumped!

    Playstation Blue Debugger PAL with really overpriced buy it now:

    Resident Evil Energy Drink?

    more Resident Evil – A Promotional CD holder from the third Playstation game:

    a bunch of random crap genesis/megadrive games, however with one pcb only game included for free! only lady luck knows if this is a super rare prototype or just a raped game without a case?

    Playstation 2 Wireless Arcade Stick Homemade Prototype:

    and last but not least a really crazy Audiophile mod of the playstation scph 1002:

    Includes the following mods:
    * White painted casing
    * Laser replaced and changed to a high quality alunium tray (cables under the metal)
    * Build in internal blue led into the disc tray for better reading of any disc
    * Removal of the sockets in the back because they acted as an antenna
    * Build in input impedance fuse (?) to the video output plug directly on the board
    * Build in high quality chinch plugs for audio
    * Possible to change sound mode using a switch on the back
    * replaced capacitors c423, c424, c429 and c430 with 4 highquality bipolar capacitors
    * build in internal display (displayed by simply touching it)
    * build in IR remote controller (controlled with Sony remotes)
    * controller ports removed and swapped for the IR controller.
    * protected by clear dark blue plastic display
    * everything shielded with copper shields
    * power supply and back shielded
    * all shields soldered together
    * increased space between power supply and laser
    * fixed the problems from the retail production on the power supply (no overheating)
    * gain and bias optimized
    * everything tested and checked in a 7 day test

    That shall be all for now.

  8. A bit weird- They are some of the hidden skulls from the Halo series.

    Some custom arcade cabinets

    BF2142 Custom PC

    A Treamcast

    Sakura wars imports 1-4 for DC

    Guy trying to sell a wii for 10million

    Huge Turbo-grafx lot with 117 games, and 3 systems

    Alright after those I’m done….
    Good luck to everyone.

  9. lol, so here are my two.

    First Bootleg is always funny.

    And I love people who break their wii. Honestly if you registered it at your warrenty is still valid, as it hasn’t been more then 15 months. If not modded you can send it in and they will fix it or give you a working one. hahaha, also this person cannot spell too well.

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