Merry Christmas

Long story for my absence (which I’ll explain tomorrow) but I am now back!
This is just a quick not to wish you all Merry Christmas and let you know I’ll be back in full force tomorrow, and will be getting the contest clued up.

Take care!

– Link


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  1. I’ve finally got my laptop with me – despite my lack of interent acess. I’ll be able to write something up finally and then borrow someone’s connection to get it to you.

    With luck, I’ll be around tomorrow.

  2. Looks like a meteorite crushed your PC! Or something like this? Or you have been warped to another dimenson where you can only access internet with a 56K!
    The only important thing is that you’re fine πŸ™‚

  3. This sucks….only hearing from Link every few days….the anticipation of the day he returns at full force….WHEN WILL IT END????

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