Contest Voting

Polls close tonight. Get your votes in while you can.

While the winner looks obvious, second place has been creeping ever closer.

Every vote counts!


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  1. Awesome! Grats to those with all those votes! That’s just crazy! It’s too bad I only came across 8 different computers to vote for myself during the competition, lol.

    Lucky to the Gameboy winner! That’s a great collection to win!

  2. Gonna be glad if the gameboy lot wins- didn’t think the gta auction should have been allowed. I know it didn’t say anything specifically about making up your own auction, but come on. Next time I’m just gonna put up an auction for a lot larger than
    for like 7 million, that way even if someone wins I can just buy the games and stuff later.
    Or put up anything else thats cool for a really high price so I don’t need to sell it, or can buy it somewhere else cheaper.

  3. Heh, your right, I can’t find the login either. I didn’t log in for my post above. I was on someone else’s computer, but I’m still logged in at home.

    Yeah, the second I saw the site where they list all the stuff I knew I’d seen that auction. Pretty impressive collection…

  4. Thanks for all the votes everyone.
    A special thanks to my mom and dad for sending it to all their friends. Also the guys at CGCC, DP and CAG couldn’t have done it without your help.

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