Top guy NES, Genesis Kiosk and great DEV kit

Please, let me rant a bit. Today’s post took me too much time. I hate these days, when eBay is filled with items.
Beware, your pocket will cry while you read this post.

TWO ULTRA RARE TOP GUY Portable NES Nintendo Systems

I usually remove the “RARE OMG etc” from titles. But this time it’s worth it. Wow! Price permitting…


Another kiosk, less rare: Nintendo 64 STORE KIOSK

Black/Matrix Dreamcast production sketches

He has a lot of these sketches!

Sega Genesis DEV KIT w manual, SNASM Console Interface, DEV unit

New items from the Nintendo ex-employee!

Limbofunk has a great selection of Nintendo Authorized Service Center items

Other stuff:
Almost Jaguar VR!
Will this be a prototype for VCS?

Oh, and finally the Adventure Vision’s seller has updated the auction. Well, the auction is a serious one! Check the pictures with his name! And, maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve understood that this console is OEM, right?

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. I think that some fetish lover might actually buy the vest asking to the seller if he might dress it for a whole day, making sports etc. so it smells absolutely right.

    ps I think I want to buy that vest.

  2. Nicola you are starting to scare me…. just starting and just a bit…. but still…..

    The Mario doll pic…now this…..


  3. post updated. Is your future website? Judging by your email, you’re selling something. Arcade related?

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