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Clearing Out My Watch List…

Here’s a Nicola style post for your pleasure today.

Nintendo Retail Binder

nintendo retail binder

Nifty binder with GBA and game Cube launch info. Steal for a $25.00 BIN.

Nintendo Fun Club Excitebike Scorepad

excitebike official scorepad

From the same seller as the retail binder, he claims that he sold one of these previously for $100.00. Pretty neat item I haven’t seen before.

 Nintendo DS Advance Wars Not For Resale Promo

gameboy ds advance wars promo not for resale

The SNES and N64 have shown us how high a price “Not For Resale” carts can fetch. The seller states that this is the first  Advance Wars one he’s seen on eBay, and offhand I have to agree.


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  1. @ the Advanced Wars posting

    It’s not the first on ebay. There was one that was up about a 2-3 months ago. That seller had tossed up 6 or 7 NFR DS games, of which that was one of them.

  2. Thanks for posting the retail Binder, I eat things like that up. I really wish it had the original SNES and N64 papers in there though…

  3. I also say that the Advance Wars NFR cart isn’t that rare. It was a fairly common one about a year ago. I’ve had 3 of them pass through my hands at this point so I’d say there are definitely many which are rarer than this one.

  4. i have one of these from when i worked at gamestop. i have several nfr ds games that i was collecting from work for a while, but then i moved. i’ll be watching this auction (who would pay $100 for that?!?) and depending on what it goes for, maybe i should just list mine. i just wish i could see how much the two offers were for. hell, i even have cases and artwork for my nfr carts!

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