Atlantis 2, Gold NWC

Two grails. Which one will you buy?

Atari 2600 Atlantis II

Nintendo World Championships Gold

Other stuff:
NES Panesians
SNES Counter Tester

Many thanks to Johan, Dan and HMANL for the suggestions on my trip in New York! I didn’t know about that shop in NY.
(BTW you wrote to Link, not to me!)

Oh, and to all the contest winners who are waiting items from me (Pirates! Gold, Saturn games etc), I’ve sent them yesterday. Let me know when you receive them!

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. If you’re selling something for $15K wouldn’t it make sense to include multiple photos of the cartridge?? From every angle??

    Every time these carts get posted there’s ALWAYS only one lame photo of the front of the cart. And they never get a picture of it sitting on a table or with other things around it. It’s always only of the cart itself, so that it ends up looking completely bogus.

    Just my 2cents.

  2. I agree, with you Adam.
    It doesn’t make sense to make any auction worth that much money and cheap out on the posting, he should have it gallery and pay a few extra bucks for a headliner posting.
    I cant afford to bid on it but just looking I’m already skeptical that there is only 1 pictures with a photo shopped name in the corner. There should be a picture of it in hand with his user name visible

  3. Seriously…Link needs to get back to us and wrap up this contest stuff.

    Nicola, is there anything you can do? I know even you have trouble contacting him, but if he doesn’t get back here anytime soon, you might want to try contacting the prize people yourself…I was so excited that I won one of the contests, but now it’s been two months, you know?

  4. colorninja, I don’t have the contest prizes. I’m sure that you all are going to receive them. Link is slow, but unstoppable.
    I can contact the winners, no problems, I did it with the prizes I’ve offered. But then it must always be Link to ship the prizes.

    As for the auctions with cheap pics, the sellers are well known and these have been made since it’s a promotional day on the bay.

  5. Yeah, the NWC cart is for sure legit, and it’s only up because it’s .20 listing day. Any higher listing price on ebay or the inclusion of all the bells and whistles would be ancillary.

  6. Does anyone else think this cart looks VERY suspicious?! I mean EVERY OTHER Gold Cart, the label has been VERY clear and not quite like that…. I mean call me paranoid.. but it almost LOOKS like it was painted [spray painted] Gold. I dunno… probably just paranoid, but when 15k is on the line..

  7. I doubt that Udisi would try to sell a fake. As for the color, the NWC is so shiny that, depending on the lights and flash, it may appear in every color.

  8. I understand the whole $.20 listing thing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a picture holding the cart with your Ebay screen name written on a piece of paper in the picture. Like people had to do when they were selling a Wii or a PS3. All I’m saying is that if I were selling something for $15K and wanted someone to buy it I would look at it from the buyers perspective and wonder what they would want to see. Otherwise people will just gloss over your auction and not take a second look.

  9. True, but I doubt that he really wants to sell. What I think is that he’s getting some advertising and show off his grail for few cents. Indeed, if I ever decide to sell my gold NWC, I would make various pictures of me and my friends playing football with the cart. Wait, first I should find/buy one.

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