Lots Of Consoles

If you like collecting systems, than you should check out the items available from shoppingmaster2007 and j.m.ratkos.

Lots of rare and high priced consoles, plus other nifty stuff as well.

The first has a ton of Limited Edition Game Cubes (Zelda, Resident Evil, Pikman), a NOS NES Action Set, N64 Zelda LE Gold System, Sealed Games (including a ton of Final Fantasy), Game & Watch Systems and more.

Definitely worth a look for yourself.

The second has a ton of sealed Game Boys and my favorite item of the day, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess mini replicas. Only available from Target, this thing is badass.

zelda target

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  1. I made a killing off those zelda shield replicas since my local target cleared them out for $10 a piece and I ended up selling all 7 I ended up getting for at least $30 before shipping

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