Sealed Apple Ultima II Revenge of Enchantress

This is the type of thing I like to post because it’s something that you might see in a pawn shop or thrift store and say ‘Meh”. Maybe do a double check when you see it’s an Ultima game, but not know what to do when you see a $14.99 price tag.

If it wasn’t for the fact I realize anything Ultima probably equals money, I can imagine my internal conversation.

14.99? What a rip.
Hrmmm… it is sealed.
It’s for Apple, does anyone even collect Apple games?
It is an Ultima game, that’s a good series that probably has fanboys right?

I had the same ordeal when I first saw a complete copy of Ultima Collection for the PC at a flea market for $10.00. Apparently the thing dosen’t sell for much now, but at the time loose cds could easily fetch $40.00 and complete copies $80.00.

Anyways, this copy of Ultima II is already up to $227.50 with five days to go.

apple ultima 2 enchantress


Few other things on my watch list:

Russian Half Life II Soundtrack
Virtual Boy Jack Bros.
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NES Cheetahman 2


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  1. We just sold Maniac Mansion for the PC with 3.5″ and 5.25″ discs and everything it originally came with (poster, red viewer, etc) for $202.50. We were shocked!

    This Ultima II comes as no surprise. There is apparently a growing PC collectible market.

  2. Software, not just cartware, has taken a turn for the worse if you are a cheap collector like me. Ultima has always pulled in the bux, but there are alot of other brands/eras/formats that are gaining momentum. EA flat games are one of them.

    That link to Ult 2 didn’t work. That guy is a great seller, btw. He lucked into a storage container with enormous amounts of old software in South America. I’m sure he’ll put his kids through University and buy a house with the proceeds.

  3. HL2 soundtrack and Ultima 2 links were broken, both have been fixed.

    The soundtrack was actually from Russia.

    ianoid – That’s pretty interesting. I was wondering about the seller when I saw he was from Venisulia (however you spell it).

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