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NASCAR Racing 2003 Season (PC)

With the first year of gameSniped behind us, I’m trying to add a lot of original and useful content to the site beyond just finding you rare stuff to buy. One thing I intend to place a lot of emphasis on is items that sell for high prices, yet most of us are unaware of.

As of today, I am naming this a new section of gameSniped called: Unknown Expensive. I actually hate that title, so if you think of a better one, let me know. Snazzy graphic coming soon.

Anyway, yesterdays post about the Ultima game may have been obvious to some people, but I think this is a different case.

nascar racing 2003 seasonI present to you a game I’m relatively sure most of us would skip buying, even if it were priced at only a buck:

Nascar Racing Season 2003

Price? Well that one has two hours to go at the time of positing and is already at $91.00. eBay completed items search reveal that the game has sold for as little as $50.00 and as high as $175.00. Average prices however seem to however between $80.00-$120.00.

Ok, I admit I was confused about this too. Sports game? For the PC? Selling for that much?

Well it appears this game was the last one released by the company Papyrus before the Nascar license was sold to EA Sports. In the minds of Nascar fans, that’s where the series took a turn for the worst.

The game features an extremely popular multiplayer interface, which can used by up to 2500 drivers at any one time. This usually results in fields of up to 43 human drivers driving simultaneously in online races. Despite the age of the game, there are several online leagues still running. Private companies have also been started to fulfill the need for professional grade multiplayer servers and league management software for this game. Also an extremely active modification community has released a ton of new mods, updated cars, tracks and templates which have kept the game fresh and up to date with real life racing.

Not only is the fan community still playing this game, but NASCAR driving superstars like Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Martin Truex Jr. are known to be players of the game, and many professional drivers are said to use the games online multiplayer mode to practice tracks before races.

It’s a game that’s almost guaranteed to be dirt cheap if you see it in the wild, and definitely worthy a place on your watch list.


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  1. That is a great idea; I’ll have to give the name a thought, I can’t come up with anything either.
    How did you come across this listing, secret video game vice?

  2. I love this idea. There are a lot of games out in the wild that you can pick up rediculously cheap that sell for great profit.

    I have known about this Nascar game for a few years and have never seen one in the wild. I suspect that they didn’t release many on Canada’s east coast.

    Here are two other big ones that I cannot find in the wild, but no one seems to know about:

    1. Nintendo DS: Monopoly, Yahtzee, Boggle & Battleship

    This is a compilation that I have never found anywhere but fetches some great coin online.

    2. PC: MVP Baseball 2005

    Another sports game. This usually fetches $70 online. The weird thing about this one is that it was released on other systems (PSP for sure), unlike the Nascar 2003. I have found a few of these over the past couples of years and they are usually insanely cheap.


  3. This is an amazing idea – you guys are really taking a step toward a more comprehensive blog with ideas like this.

    I really enjoyed the background on the product. It’s one thing to see the game fetch high prices, it’s a whole other story knowing why.

    Can’t stress enough how awesome this is. That monopoly pack sounds like a great candidate, I can’t figure out why the prices are so crazy either.

  4. Names aren’t hard just throw some random names together…haha..

    Un-carted territory
    Unexplored Expensive
    Cloaked Cash
    Passed Cash
    A Costly Must-take
    Found Funds
    Lost Loot

  5. The thing that surprised me the most about your article is that a NASCAR fan would know how to MOD a game?!?!?

    …Wonders never cease!!

  6. “and many professional drivers are said to use the games online multiplayer mode to practice tracks before races”

    Here’s an idea… turn your steering wheel to the left just a bit. That should be enough practice for today.

    …sorry, couldn’t help it. 🙂

  7. The price for this game is just nuts !!! Past 350 bucks to get one. WHY ???? If you have an original,,, just get Alcohol 120 and make copies,,, then use the no cd patch,,,, illegal ????? how can it be,,, Nascar 2003 is seven years old,,,, Papyrus is out of business,,, the only ones profiting now are the scalpers,,taking a 40 dollar game and selling for 350,,,,,,,, scalping may or may not be illegal,, but it is not exactly proper.

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