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Sealed SNES Illusion of Gaia With T-Shirt

illusion of gaia snes t-shirt sealed

I remember someone asking me the value of this release awhile back and I told them as wasn’t sure. These don’t show up too often, but if this seller is right than they’re worth $199.99.

Check out the sellers store too if you have a chance. They have nice rare stuff (mostly sealed), although the majority is a bit overpriced in my opinion.


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  1. That’s a tempting deal if you’re a person that has an unattached $200! My problem would be that I’d want to actually open and enjoy the product. . .play Illusion of Gaia on an SNES and wear the shirt proudly, thus destroying all true collectible value. No reasonable part of me can rationalize that kind of spending for, essentially, an IoG t-shirt.

    Neat for the pack-rat collectors though.

  2. $200?! I had that whole thing sealed 10 years ago! I bought it for $15 at a department store that had a bunch of old games! >.<

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