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Factory Sealed Mario 1 & 2 Blisterpack Combo

This is the first time I’ve ever seen one of these, and a lot of high profile NES collectors are in the same situation.

It seems to be an official release or promo item from Nintendo Power Canada based on an address that appears on the packaging.

I can’t confirm, but I believe there was a $750.00 BIN on this guy before bidding started. I have a feeling a few people are going to regret missing the BIN, as I expect this to sell for more.

Anyone who says otherwise underestimates the amount of NES collectors who have polished off a complete set, and are desperate for new and interesting items for their collection.

factory sealed super mario 1 & 2 blisterpack factory sealed super mario 1 & 2 blisterpack back

Currently $610.00 with six days to go.


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  1. This isn’t worth Diddly IMO…..I’m a collector of Factory Sealed NES games and wouldn’t touch it since it isn’t an NTSC….the front of the box is in French. I have seen a lot of people go apeshit over a Factory Sealed Mario Bros. game only to realize later they didn’t look at the box art close enough to realize it is in French.

  2. This is NTSC Gogo. It is just Canadian, not -USA. Still an NTSC game though. First time I have ever seen them either, but not worth that much IMO.

  3. These are NTSC games all right… w/Bilingual(French/English) manuals inside…On screen action is ALL english…I think these are related to Nintendo taking over National distribution from Mattel in Canada back in the days… Consumer’s Distributing sold these for a short time i believe…For sure a nice/very rare item…I would not be surprised to see it hit 2k..I would not pay that kinda money tough…

    Seller should post a lot more close-up pics….

  4. Hi guys,
    The set is definitely NTSC. It is, as NGD and Armandino said, a Canadian NTSC as opposed to USA. The difference is due to an law in Canada that requires merchandise to have bilingual packaging due to Canada being a bilingual nation. Everything from video games to toothpaste requires this type of packaging.

    I think that Armandino could be quite correct that this item may have come from Consumer’s Distributing. I have encountered some great promo items (mostly Mego action figures) from Consumer’s Distributing in the past.

    A lot of people don’t realize that Canada is a haven for rare collectibles like this one sometimes because of companies like the now defunct Consumer’s Distributing and potentially different promos from a variety of marketing campaigns that may not have been used south of the border.

    I am going to update the auction tomorrow to provide an argument for a relation between the game set and Nintendo Power/Nintendo Headquarters in Richmond, BC.

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