Earthbound proto, Sonic Crackers proto, Original Art, rotten lollypop.

Common’s pyramid

Nice and useful.

Sonic Crackers Genesis proto – good BIN!

I’ve got another copy of this game. Believe me, the BIN is interesting!

Earthbound NES proto

Straight from Jollerancher’s find!

ATARI DEER HUNTER Game Cover Illustration

Deers must DIE!

Microsoft BOB Lollypop

He has a rare Atari & C64 relaxing game too.


Other stuff:
Cool Nintendo promo items & banana, check his store
Unreleased Halo 2 promo hat – I hate MIDI music.
Nintendo Sharp FamicomBox

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. Just curious if anyone knows the story behind that Earthbound cart. I only really know about the original one found years ago (I’m pretty sure that one had a different label though).

    Where did it come from? Is it the real deal beyond any shadow of a doubt? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

  2. I recall Frank at Lost Levels commenting on it at the Something Awful boards. Mentioning a guy whos wife bought him the proto, and overpayed a lot. Not sure I can verify it though, Might want to PM him or something.

  3. i bought 2 earthbound carts along with a few other games from a former nintendo employee. his wife paid me $2200 for the exact cart he is now selling. it is 100% authentic!!

  4. Holy crap, how do all you people have so much money? 🙁 LOL

    I’d sell an arm and a leg for that EB proto… well, not really, but that’s still pretty awesome.

  5. Hi Jollerancher! I’m glad to see you here!

    Yes, it has been one of the greatest finds ever! He found the Campus Challenge SNES cart too, along with other unique items!

  6. Wow! 2 EB carts?? I can’t believe that one was even found, let alone 2 — thanks for clearing that up jollerancher / nicola. If you don’t mind me asking, was this employee part of the localization team back then or something along those lines? I’m just wondering how they came into such an amazing find. Thanks again!

  7. Man I would love to have that earthbound proto. I would trade my kidney, but only have the one I”m afraid.

  8. There was never a “Sonic the Hedgehog” game for the C64. Development of C64 software ceased by the time Sonic became popular.


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