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Overpriced Sealed Games

Thinking of adding a few sealed games to your collection,  just to get them graded?

Here’s a few suggestions:

Bubble Bobble 2 – Only $999.95
Final Fantasy 1 – Only $999.99
Zelda 2 – Only 799.99

Mega Man X2 – Only $999.99

Final Fantasy 7 – Only $595.95 or if you’re on a budget, why not pick up the Greatest Hits for $324.00.
Silent Hill Only $249.00

final fantasy 7 sealed ps1GBA
Super Mario Advance – Only $449.01

Ok, now I’m stopping this post. If anyone buys a sealed Super Mario Advance for four hundred bucks, I’m hunting you down. Make this guy an “Or Best Offer” of $1.00 juts to annoy him. I just did.

Anyway, these are all store prices. No one really expects to get them, but just wants to generate traffic to their other listings (which I unfortunately just helped with) or to get offers on them.
I’m sometimes guilty of this. If I list an item on eBay, and there no one else offering it, not in any eBay stores and not in any completed listing, I’m pretty much going to triple my BIN.

No one will buy that sealed FF1 for a grand, but someone will probably bite at this Sealed Final Fantasy 1 for $329.99.

My point?

Not sure if I really had one, just wanted to point out some of the insane prices people throw on their store items. People overprice their sealed games. They think they’re worth more than they are. I’m just curious how grading will affect this. Not so much as actual prices, but just what people think their items should be worth.


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  1. The worst thing about “sealed” games is that there is no guarantee that this is the original seal. I myself have purchased games from sellers claiming them to be new and sealed. When they arrived they were sealed, but by the condition of the disc and the manual, I could tell they weren’t new. The plastic wrap used to seal the game was also a stretchy kind of shrink-wrap plastic much different than the stiffer, crinkly plastic with the neatly folded corners that you are used to. Shrink-wrapping machines are accessible to the public and are being used by some eBay scammers to get a premium on games that are actually used.

  2. If that Bubble Bobble 2 was actually factory sealed, it is worth more than double what they are asking. Problem is that it is not sealed if you read between the lines.

    The Link II gold is mine and I have sold several at that price, so I think that one is actually a fair price. I turned down multiple $700 offers from different people.

    The others, though, are way overpriced.

  3. A lot of games of the 90’s that DON’T have the horizontal seal may be new as well. I worked at a Babbage’s in the early 90’s and our policy was to “gut” new games and put a shrinkwrapped, but empty jewel case on the rack to keep people from stealing them. Not that it was totally effective since we had idiots stealing empty boxes. How embarrassing that would be getting arrested for stealing an empty game box!

    Anyway, I have many games that are brand new, but don’t have the horizontal seal.

  4. From the Mario advance auction:

    “Dearest Gamesniped, I juts wanted to let you all know that I added an auto decline. So if you juts want to annoy me you are really juts wasting your time. I also wouldn’t say $1000 is overpriced for Bubble Bobble part 2 on the NES, considering I know of a copy that has changed hands privately for $2000. Quite a few sealed Links have sold for $800 recently and a couple more for juts below that. I really doubt you have ever had a link on your site for an original sealed Mario Advance, other than mine. Maybe you guys juts don’t know the difference between Player’s Choice and original. Of course I really don’t expect my auction to sell for $449.01, but I am sure there are people looking for an original sealed copy of this game that would be willing to make me a decent offer on it.”

    lol, keep it up GameSniped

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