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Biohazard (Resident Evil) Code Veronica Dreamcast (JAP)

resident evil biohazard dreamcastI’ve wanted one of these for ages, but considering the price I haven’t been overly excited about actually trying to win one.

One of the rarest Dreamcasts to find with only a small production run of 1800. After a bit of Googling, I still can’t find if this was a regular release or could only be bought under specific conditions.

Anything Drecmast is cool. Anything Resident Evil is awesome. Hence a Resident Evil Dreamcast is awesome cool.

 $510 with two days to go

The seller also has a lot of nice TG16, Dreamcast and PC Engine games for sale, including lots of sealed imports.

Now I got back to waiting for Resident Evil 5.


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  1. It’s a nice console, although I like the transparent blue STARS edition better (but there are only 200 of them in the world!). I’d really like a Mazora DC too but I’ve never seen one on eBay.

  2. Yeah, I can’t imagine the price a Stars one would fetch. I’ve never seen a Mazora one either.

    For pure cosmetic looks though, I have to say I think I like the Seaman Christmas console the best.

    Seems like the DC is the predecessor the the gross amounts of console variants the 360 is going to have.

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