All Nippon Airways ANA Game Boy Pocket LE, various Protos, Stadium Events, Sony Devstation Lamp

Nintendo Game Boy Pocket All Nippon Airways Limited Edition

This version is a limited edition model of the ANA campaign of the ’97 year. ANA is an abbreviation of All Nippon Airways. This version was distributed only 5,000 to the passenger of All Nippon Airways.

Quix, Mario Brothers, Centipede and Vanguard PROTOS for Atari 5200

SNES Hunt for Red October proto, GB Survival Arts proto

Final Mission Famicom proto

Mathmos Sony Devstation promo lamp

It was given to the trade as a promotional item by Sony just before the launch of the Playstation 2


From our forum member jason 971

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  1. Don’t forget the Myriad! I also have a Brand New never used NES Action Set and lots of rare accessories coming up…

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