gameSniped Contest O’ Crap

That’s right, it’s time for a new contest!

This is is a little different that our previous ones. The challenge is to find or make the absolutely worst video game related auction you can think of.

Dog eared XBOX controller? Sure. Combat cart with a $36.00 BIN? Sounds good. 85 Sealed Copies of Shockwave for NES? No wait.. I was the one who bought that. Dammit.

Anyway, the point is to find an auction that sucks. Be it dirty, over-priced, weird or just plain horrible – it’s up to you.

For the creative ones out there, you are allowed to and encouraged to post your own auctions.

Entries will be accepted for a week, and you can post as many auctions as you like. After all the entries are received Nicola and I will choose our top ten or so, and then we’ll post a poll so you guys can decide.

Both the winner and the runner up will receive a jam packed box full of gaming garbage goodness!
IMG_4796Seriously folks, this prize isn’t going to be anything to brag about, but I’m sure you’ll find something in there to play for a bit and probably at least one thing that will find it’s way into your collection. I do guarantee though, that it will make you happy.

Box is packed and ready to ship, so no delays like our last contest. Shown next SNES carts for size comparison. Lots of room for goodies in that box……

Time to get cracking.

Post your entries in the comments of this post. Make sure you do it from a registered account however, so I can confirm with you if you win.

Good luck!


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  1. Dunno if it’s real or not.. if it’s true then that kinda sucks but bad format and $500 for an atari + 80 games with no list of the games or even what atari it is.

    5 Wii’s for $2,000 and 200 shipping?! Wow Who feels like paying $440 whole sale for a Wii?

    ——– Interactive CD for $100k?! Wtf…. This isn’t done by me…


    Right… even if this “mmorpg” was real, 20k? ha for a brand new 0 feedback seller to boot.


    What the hell is this, the self proclaimed “most expensive ps3 on ebay”. 15.5k USD for a 60gig ps3 and need for speed 360… damn at least include a good game much less a game that plays on the console ;p Funny stuff about how the deal has to be completed through your courthouse with a lawyer ;p Even has it’s own themesong!


    Ps3, New 0 feedback seller, engrish, caps, horrible price even if it was legit and omgwtf horrible games…. $5,000 with $100 shipping insurance ^^



    600 Units of TV virtual baseball, yeah hot game there…. $1,300 + $750 shipping


    “Rare” PS3 60gb for $1,200… if you BIN you get too choose 3 games!


    Publicity Stunt 360….

    What too say about this…. he wants you too buy his 360 for some astronomical price so people can point and say “hey look at this fool for buying a $1000 xbox” Righto lets bid! I don’t even think it’s new in the box :/


    Testing List – For a phone, under the videogames section. I’m lost, and apparently he knows how too use the spam button cause there’s like 30 “Testing List”s… Guess he really wanted too test ;p


    Used Halo XBOX 360, $900


    Alright my last one, a $800 Wii + $20 shipping

    Comes with an extra remote and 2 nunchuks 😐 That’s it other then that it’s stuck….

    the best part?

    “Remote Control:

    Beams money through Bluetooth up to 30 feet away ”

    Yes 😐 It beams money through bluetooth up to 30 feet away…. Doesn’t print, it’s gone star trek (scotty not included)

    where do people come up with this crap ;p

  2. I went poking around in my favorite searches and came up with these:


    Overpriced: three Final Fantasy X-2 and VII Play Arts figures for $5000. The FFVII figure came out not too long ago and can be found just about anywhere. The other two aren’t rare enough to justify the price. –


    WTF: “Resin FINAL FANTASY Advent Children CLOUD STRIFE Figure”. This is one of the ugliest bootleg Cloud figures I’ve ever seen –


    And the creme de la creme: Lionheart’s Realm’s “collector’s edition” Materia. This guy has been selling “original” “Materia” for years; products that have never been endorsed by Squaresoft/Square Enix, even though some people think they are! The funniest thing about these auctions is that people bid on them; some auctions crack the hundred dollar mark.

    Here’s one for “White Materia” –

    One for “Black Materia” –

    One for “Odin Materia”(from the listing: “This is an original Materia set. Beware of Summon Materias that are not RED in color, this is the easiest way to spot a copy. All originals will have the symbol of Lionheart. Nothing matches the magic and quality of an original!”) –

    Here’s an auction for a “knockoff” Independant Materia –

    Someone selling their Materia collection. These are from a non-Lionheart’s Realm Summon Materia series, which not only came with stands, but DVDs of the summons in action! FFVII fans should take note of the colors –

    Finally, this isn’t an auction, but it should’ve been. A friend of mine once did a parody of the Lionheart’s Realm product line –

  3. My question is, How did you find that auction? Were you searching for “sexy tomb raider” or “hot lara croft”?

  4. Well, guess I’ll throw a few in. Here we go…

    “Xbox 360 game” Really? You don’t say… Kinda vauge… Not that anyone would want to buy something second-hand from Gamestop anyways…

    “Brand new in box” … “tons of fun to play” Wheel of Fortune pinball!! You can play thorugh the box! ‘Nuff said!

    It’s frustrating having 1 rrod, how about six? And it’s selling!!

    Or, would you rather have 14 very expensive paperweights?

    Diddy, did you borrow something from Mr. Funky without asking? You look, a little too happy o.o

    “Bag with bonus” …what? No, really, what is that blurry blue thing?

    So easy to use it turns into a katana and attaches to hand before use! (Eyebrow raise is extra)

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