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Nintendo Eyeglasses

nintendo eyeglassesOk, so I’m pretty sure that these are the exact pair I wore when I was in grade five. Next time I’m at my mother’s, I’ll see if I can find a picture of me wearing them. If I’m still brave after seeing it, I’ll post it for you all to enjoy.

Anyway’s, if you want to be as cool as I was fifteen years ago, it will cost you $20.00.


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  1. I had a pair of these in 3rd grade! After you take the stickers off the lens the only place you could see it was Nintendo was a little logo on the ear stem. Mine faded off after use, so they are long gone 🙁

  2. Is this really a good deal? I know I can go to the local walmart here in town and they carry nintendo branded glasses that don’t look like they’re from 15 years ago.

    Seriously go to any walmart optomatrist studio they still sell these things.

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