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GTA IV License Plate & Statue Of Happiness

This GTA license plate was an exclusive preorder bonus from Amazon.

gta iv liscense plate

$36.00 (10 Hours To Go)

A different seller also has a  real life Statue Of Hapiness. From what I can tell, it looks like this was a press only bonus.

gta iv 4 statue of happiness box gta iv 4 statue of happiness

$13.49 (10 Hours To Go)


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    • Albert, thanks so much for following the website! Ebay has quite a few Liberty City license plates for very reasonable rates around the $45 range. These plates typically sell over $100 (overpriced), so these are pretty good rates. You should also be able to pick up a statue here on Ebay for about the same price. For some reason, the statues are a bit less common.

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