Contest O Crap Winners

The results are in and we have two clear winners.

The Unreleased NES Box and the SNES VHS Player.

Congrats to both Matthijis and jason_971.

Please PM me on the forum with your address.

I seriously feel bad though guys… this is not a contest you wanted to win. My box is bad enough, I can’t even imagine what Nicola’s will have.


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  1. Stu, have you seen Nicola’S own pics? Even worse than in the auction. You should do a post about that Nic.

  2. Oh boy, Nicola’s box sounds amazing, I am always looking for good quality boxes. I’m not going to get my hopes up because of the incredible quality of game and shortage out there, but I sure hope there is a sealed Bio Freaks somewhere in the lot of prizes. If not, a less rare alternative like a sealed Atari Video Life will do fine I guess.

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