X-Men Clone Wars Artwork, Red Donkey Kong cabinet, Percepts

X-MEN 2 Clone Wars original concept artwork

I presume it’s a concept artwork since the published cover is actually a bit different. Great item btw!
This is the actual image used:

Nintendo Donkey Kong “Red” Video Arcade Game – First USA run

The very first DK cabinets were all red. The light blue is newer and much more common.

Magnavox Odyssey PERCEPTS game complete

Other stuff:
Atari Service Center Bags
Next Level Promo Stand

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. The Odyssey Percepts on eBay a few weeks ago had the shipping box. That’s where the value was. I’ll be expecting this to get maybe $25 at best without that. That stupid shipping box is worth more than $100.

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