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World’s Cutest Console (Hello Kitty Dreamcast)

Ok, maybe not the cutest. This console is actually available in pink which is arguably cuter.

Still, it’s damn cute.

The Dreamcast is like the early 360 when it comes to console variants.

hello kitty dreamcast hello kitty dreamcast 2

I can’t find any release numbers for this set, anyone help me out?



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  1. My girlfriend has one of the Pink Hello Kitty Dreamcast units. It’s actually worth it for anyone looking for the complete DC package.

  2. That makes me feel better about picking up a blue one recently, since I already had the pink one. I bought it new from that video game importer out of Hawaii many years ago. I’m trying not to get into import DC systems but this HK pair is hard to resist for the novelty and limited-ness.

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