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Final Fantasy VII 7 Varsity Jacket

I wish I had seen this one earlier, as there are only three hours left. The seller states:

Final Fantasy VII JacketI received this Item in the early days of FFVII, the Winte r of ’97-’98 to be exact.  The contest was on the Official Website and only 50 were ever made.  I know the estimated value of this jacket as I have contacted the makers of Final Fantasy VII.  I have a very keen interest in selling the Jacket, I just hope that there is someone out there who wants to own an extremely rare piece of gaming history.  Also Some specs of the Jacket are as follows:  Size: Large; Black Wool Body with Genuine Black Leather Sleeves; SQUARESOFT embroidered on left breast; Materia Logo w/ FINAL FANTASY VII through the Materia Logo on the back of the Jacket.  Use pictures as a reference.

I would expect this to be relisted, as the $750.00 price tag is a little too rich for even the most hardcore Final Fantasy collectors in my opinion.


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  1. Hah, so true, but even though the FFVII merch/memorabilia collecting scene has (apparently) slowed down some, I’m sure someone will spring for it one of these days. (I’d love to have it myself, but certainly not at that price.)

    There was an identical FFVII jacket on eBay a few years ago; can’t remember if it sold. I wonder if this is the same one?

  2. These jackets were a promotional give-away from Square. They ran an add in gaming magazines basically stating to send them a letter with the appropriate “Attn To:” and they would give you the jacket “while supplies last”.

  3. These were actually given away on the website beack in the days of FFVII. Only 50 were made, I know because I entered it and I ended up with one of the jackets. When I got the jacket in the box it actually had a bill inside of it for the jacket. It seems the cost of the jackets to square was 350. I can’t someone would sell theirs though as its a very sweet jacket.

  4. I also have one. I didn’t realize that few were made. Mine is not in the best condition because I wore it as my winter jacket from approximately 1997-2002 without ever having it cleaned. I had it cleaned a while back and it looks a lot better than it had though.

  5. I am the owner of the Jacket that is posted on this blog. I still have it, and in response to Link, I did some research about the Jacket that was sold on ebay a few years ago, it sold for around $1500.00. Not to say that I’ll every get anything close to that for mine but I am still interested in selling it.

  6. I’ve been looking for someone else that one of these jackets for a long time. My mom (big RPG gamer) entered our entire family into Squaresoft’s contest online. My youngest brother was one of the 50 winners, but he was too young to care, so our mom kept it. It’s still in the original box with the plastic on – I might have tried it on once. It is really big! IIRC, Squaresoft employees received jackets, too, but only 50 were given to the public. Its collectors’ value has to be really high, but the demand is very low right now. If one of these was sold between 1997 and 2000, I could see it going for $1,500.00 easily.

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