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Final Fantasy Music Box

final fantasy music box eyes on me Square Enix released an official Final Fantasy VII “Aerith’s Theme” music box in 2005, which was limited to one hundered copies and cost around 40,000 yen (~$400 US) . According to the folks over at the Final Fantasy Collectibles Forum, on the rare occasion that it goes on sale it now fetches over $2000.00 US.

This auction is for a differnt Final Fantasy VIII music box that plays the theme song, “Eyes on Me.” This is a Japanese import item manufactured by Artec and according to the back, is patented. Apparently, the seller purchased it from a Japanese auction site awhile back and has never seen another one like it. It’s most likely an unlicensed item, but is pretty cool none the less.

The music box plays the chorus from Faye Wong’s “Eyes on Me,” the theme song to Final Fantasy VIII, which was composed by Nobuo Uematsu.

The seller admits they have a high asking price, but is hoping for offers, or more information about the item.

Auction Here ($995.00 BIN)


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  1. It’s not 2005, but 2003. I bought it from DigiCube store few years ago with help of a friend of mine in Japan. It’s Â¥42.000, very cheap price compared nowadays price. Even if you have $2.000 there is not one selling this item. I got offer of $3.000 and it’s still not the top or maximum he / she can afford (he / shel just told me not to reach $5.000.

    Also don’t be confused with other’s site telling it’s 1.000 limited, it’s NOT! The number I have is 044, so that’s mean only 999 that available (max), impossible to have 1.000 quantity like what ffmerchandise told. It’s 500 limited as I have informed from my friend in Japan.

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