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Lots Of Sealed Game Boy Titles

legend of zelda links awakening sealed game boy You may remember the Nintendo Of Canada Auctions we posted about a few weeks back. While a few of them went for less than expected, there were a surprising few which went for much more than we had anticipated. Mainly, the Game Boy games. Most of the these auctions ended at roughly $100.00 per game. To see to the final prices of these actions, as well as the SNES, NES and N64 lots, check here

This has several people (myself included) wondering if it was a fluke given the hype surrounding the auctions, or a sign that Game Boy collecting may be the next big thing. I have noticed several collectors talking about collecting them, and I know at least one large NES reseller is going to be adding them to his inventory soon. It definitely looks like it will be taking off.

eBay seller rarebucky has a large amount of sealed GB, GBC and GBA games available, and I’ll be watching them to see if it actually is the beginning of a new era in collecting. Looking through complete listings though, there really isn’t a large amount of sealed GB games fetching high prices. There doesn’t seem to be a ton listed either,so once again I can’t draw a full conclusion. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, rarebucky has two games with a starting bid of $199.99: Metroid II and Legend Of Zelda: Links Awakening. It will be interesting to see how these two, and the less popular titles do.

Auctions Here.


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  1. It’s so hard to tell; obviously the popular franchises will bring in good money, but I can’t really see a large amount of people going after complete sets. That’s obviously just my opinion and I have seen stranger things happen…this is probably the hardest Nintendo library to hunt down and I just feel the casual collector would become far too frustrated before they got anywhere near a complete collection.

  2. Haha, I actually beat you to these auctions today! The thing I loved about GameBoy collecting up until recently was how cheap it was. I say recently becuase I’ve just witnessed a sealed PAL “Wave Race” for the GameBoy go for £52! Wow!

  3. GB has always been brutal on a per piece basis. With the retention in value imparted by backwards compability, GB was always for the insane. Combine that with little info to guide you, one of the hardest systems for boxes and manuals and sheer volume and you have a recipe for one tough system. I don’t see it taking off anytime soon. Rare for the GB is so obscured that the only titles to garner value will be the popular ones.

  4. I’m actually thrilled to see that boxed/sealed Game Boy Collectors are coming out of the woodwork. Here’s hoping they stop by and help finish up the Game Boy/Game Boy Color projects.

  5. Thrilled to see my auctions getting noticed here! This is only a fraction of my GB stuff (but admittedly the most valuable). The opened CIB games will be hitting next week and I’m sure you guys will have more to talk about then as well 🙂

  6. I collect GameBoy stuff on and off and I’ve noticed prices for the original consoles and games getting expensive. An unboxed manchester united gameboy sold for £36! Up until recently you couldn’t give them away! Good news for me though I have a boxed unused one!

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