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SNES Super Copa

snes super copa super nintendo This is by far, one of the hardest SNES games to acquire. There’s only one copy of each existing in sealed and complete condition that is confirmed, and there are only a handful of loose copies as well.

Super Copa is essentially a Spanish and Portuguese version of Tony Meola’a Sidekicks Soccer (a game which I’ve played and find fairly horrible).

The seller also has International Superstar Soccer and International Superstar Soccer Deluxe available, which are not exactly common either.

Many people argue these aren’t a true NSTC release, and I understand their reasoning. I wouldn’t want to have to pick up these title to complete my set either.

What they forget is that Nintendo released their games by region. In this case- North America (Mexico, USA & Canada).

ISS and ISS Deluxe both appear on the official Nintendo Super Nintendo release list. That means they are official North American releases. They have ESRB ratings. The warranty info is all in US and directs the user to call numbers in the USA or write to the company in the USA. Granted more than likely the release was limited to Mexico, there was coverage in Nintendo Power on these as well. Super Copa is in Spanish, but the manual is also in English. That also has a ESRB rating.

Auction Here

(Thanks DreamTR & SNESCentral for some info)


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  1. Just a note, that this game was produced by an American company, and they also made games like Chavez II, and some TNN fishing games for the PS1.

  2. I love how people try that North American crap to try and fit this in. It has no business being in a complete US collection. If you did that for NES, you’d be up to your ears in Canadian variants.

  3. As far as my opinion is: as long as they are in the official SNES release list by NINTENDO of AMERICA, how can you not say theyre official releases for the region? :p

  4. Hey Suppafly, I hope you’re willing to ship to Canada! It looks like the guy in the yellow shirt is getting smoked in the groin! That’s enough for me to put it in my collection πŸ™‚

    Portnoyd, as for Canadian variants, I can understand the way you feel. What you want to collect is your business. But, some Canadian variants are pretty cool(some of you may remember the Mario 1 and 2 double pack I had a while back, or the Final Fight Guy that Nintendo of Canada sold for the United Way that is very different than the one I bought in Maine). Of course, I can understand why someone may not have any interest in a French language Zelda: A Link to the Past (as was popular in Quebec).

    Another example is Electroplankton for the DS. Good luck finding it in the USA, though in Canada EB sold it. If I had the attitude that games are no good if they didn’t come from my country then I would miss out on cool stuff like Chaos Wars for the PS2.

    People have to decide whether they want to collect US only or NTSC. It’s nothing to fight over, it’s just a matter of taste. If you’re like me and live in Canada then it’s really a non-issue.

  5. Port is completely right. A lot of people assume a US and NSTC set is the same for any collection. It’s not. Simple as that.

    I don’t get the Pokemon mentality these days anyways. I was like it once, but I’m enjoying playing my games more now.

  6. Link,
    I agree with you about the pokemon mentality. I used to buy a game for my collection simply because I didn’t have it. All of a sudden I had piles and piles of junk. I’ve whittled my SNES collection from 500 games to about 40 in the past year. For the most part, I only want the stuff that I am going to play (and that goes for any system) or use as a conversation piece (I may not play Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker very often, but it really makes people laugh when I crack it out).

  7. Suppafly, you made a mint on that Super Copa. I was going to bid $300, but someone did before me. Impressive finds, I bet we won’t see another collection like yours for awhile!

  8. Hi there! I live in brazil and I have the Brazilian version, which has a different label than the one listed. I just put it on ebay, along with a rare snes gold controller.

    Take a look:

    BTW, very useful information, I linked this page on my auction!

    Thanks a lot!

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