Ultima Online Beta, Dreamcast Trial Set, Sealed Quadrun, Crazy Famicom Pirates

During the last few days, I must admit, I’ve not been able to find really interesting auctions. Maybe it’s the summer that slows down sales. Maybe not!

If your pocket is full of money, enjoy a great day on the Bay!

Dreamcast Trial Set given to Sega Executives

Do you really think that your Maziora is that rare?Â

Sealed Atari 2600 Quadrun

I usually don’t care about sealed games. Until today! Originally available only trough mail order.

Ultima Online beta CD

A game that changed the videogaming world. This has to sell for a lot of bucks.

Twin Famicom fitted inside a case

This is weird. A Famicom modified to fit inside a metal case, covered with stickers from a sky resort.
This unit makes me wonder about the various Japanese hotel units and demo units. What if this was modified to be used inside the Okutadami Maru Yama sky resort, maybe set to be freely played by visitors? That would explain the various stickers.

Other stuff:
NINTENDO FAMILY FUN FITNESS & ATHLETIC WORLD NEW SEALEDÂ – do you think it’s worth the money? It’s NOT Stadium Events. Just a relative.
Club Nintendo Controller Chronicle Japanese T Shirt

I’m not over yet. We have some very active users on our forum!

First, R. Kasahara told us that HobbyLink Japan is taking orders for one of the coolest and most expensive collector’s item ever: the Gabranth’s Helm from Final Fantasy XII.

High quality. More than 1K USD.

Dave S. is selling some of the weirdest and coolest pirates ever.
Just think about playing Sword of Mana on your Famicom – NES…

…the Minish Cap…

…or the (in)famous Final Fantasy VII Advent Children!

Last thing for this post, but really worth checking, jcalder8 is selling some pretty rare handhelds!

I hope you’ve liked today’s search!

Here I’m melting! See you tomorrow!

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. Wow, my post made the front page! =D

    By the way, the image from HLJ is broken – they don’t allow hotlinking.

  2. Hmm, I don’t know if that DC set is worth that much or not, it does look a bit knackered. But I did pay more than that for my Mazora DC. 😉

  3. I can’t see it either. You’re probably seeing a cached image or they use cookies to determine if you’ve visited the site and allow you to still view the image. If you clear your cache and load up the GS homepage you should see their “no hotlinking” message.

  4. 8 bit Minish Cap? I wonder if its any good, or is it like most other pirated games(horrible beyond words).

  5. Kataztrophy:
    It’s not even remotely as bad as FF7. Zelda Minish Cap is quite playable… if you’re deaf.

    BUY IT. 😀

  6. What I want to know is how big that helm is? Is it a full size item, or is it only 6-7″? Not that I have the money to buy it anyways, but it would have been nice had they listed the dimensions of the item.

  7. thinkfreemind – It’s listed on HLJ as being 1/1 scale, in other words, full size.

    They’re usually good about posting dimensions and weight after an item is in stock (all the better to estimate shipping costs!), but it looks like they’re sold out of their preorders now, and I doubt they’ll get any more.

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