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Brand New Millenium 2000 Nintendo 64 Controller

Seller states:

nintendo 64 millenium 2000 controllerIn issue 128 of “Nintendo Power”, Nintendo had a contest where 20 lucky winners would get one of these awesome silver and black controllers.  This is 1 of the 20 ever made and as far as I know, the only brand new one that has ever been on eBay or maybe the only brand new one period!

Not only had it never been used at all, but it comes with the original box it was shipped in, the winning letter of congratulations, and the order form w/pre-cautions booklet.

The controller comes with its original poly baggies w/twist tie.  Guaranteed never used, or played.  Completely immaculate and pristine.

Now, two things are wrong there are far as I know. First off, there was at least one of these posted on eBay in my recent memory, back in December of 2007. No idea what it sold for, but it was up for sale. Secondly, as far as I know there were actually 1000 of these made. It was given away as a prize in the contest and also in a subscription offer. I don’t have any scans to show this (if you do have something like this in your collection and can confirm, it would be awesome) but I’ve collaborated that fact with several sources.

Either way, it’s still insanely rare and is by far the the most unique N64 controller. It’s actually the only one which has black buttons. Plus, this is probably the only one you’re going to find complete with all the extras like the letter and shipping box.


Thanks Fox!


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  1. Hello,

    i have one of these also. i was one of the winners from nintendo power’s contest. i have always used mine, and it also has the black buttons (all do as far as i know)

    anyway, ever figure out how much they go for? im just curious.


  2. i would be willing to pay $500 flat for a millenium controller this is one of the few pieces i need for my collection i already have the gold anniversary one not the toys r us edition but any information on those available would be greatly appreciated


  3. I am one of the 1000 winners of the Millenium 2000 controllers… And I am willing to sell 😛 There is only one sign of wear along the main handle of the controller, but it is barely visible when the light is not focused directly on it. What offers? I live in Euruope but I can deliver worldwide. Whoever offers the most of course will get it. Thank you.

  4. Never mind, I realize I suck too much donkey ass and don’t know how to sell it. Please disregard my faggotry and pretend as though I don’t exist.

  5. I just bought one! It is awesome! I found mine from a guy on forums who said he had one. After a few months of talking with him I bought it! Just awesome and definitely the most rare! I now own all US released N64 controllers meaning all 199 of them!

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