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$15,000 Nintendo Zelda Plate


THIS IS A RARE 1989 Legend of Zelda COLLECTOR Plate… Very very rare now days.
i have had this plate since 1989 and took very good care of it all these years . but now i haft to put it up for sale. it is in awesome shape all most near MINT CONDITION!!! This would be great for any Collector.

Sadly, this is the second time it’s been listed. Even more depressing, is that my offer of $3.00 was auto declined.

RARE 1989 Legend of Zelda NES Nintendo Game Plate


Atari 5200 Pam Diagnostic Cartridge – Nicola mentioned this earlier, but given that it ends today and is currently under $20.00, I’d provide a bit more info.

Vintage Atari 5200 Pam Diagnostic Cartridge

First, why Pam?

According to AtariAge:

Code names had always been popular at Warner Atari. The VCS was
internally referred to as “Stella,” the 400 computer was “Candy,” the
800 was “Coleen” and the 5200 was nicknamed “Pam.” All of the
aforementioned machines were named after well-endowed female
employees who were working at Atari. The 5200 was unique in that
Atari strongly considered using Pam as the actual name of the unit
before changing it to “Video System X” and eventually deciding on
5200. Why? Because it would have been the abbreviation for
“Personal Arcade Machine.”

The diagnostic cartridge was used by factory authorized service personnel to diagnose malfunctioning systems. It allows for the testing of RAM, ROM, Video, Sound, Joystick Ports, Joysticks, and memory locations.

I found it even more interesting that there existents a similar cartridge know as the Cram Cartridge. The was the nickname for an in-house version of the cart. They are basically the same, except that it has pin #18 shorted to Ground, which forces the 5200 to turn on automatically when the cart is inserted. Pretty nifty.

Anyways, the cart is pretty rare and definitely worth a bid at the price as of posting.

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Lot of 30 JAP Loose PS1 Discs – Just above $1.00 a piece.


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  1. Ya… I’ve seen that before, doesn’t go for more than $30. Usually you’ll have some broad list it on eBay because her son is grown up and she doesn’t prepare him macaroni and cheese and eBay’s become her best friend since the hubby is more into video game collectibles than her. That’s the cycle of life.

  2. some one got ripped off because this plate sold for 14,000 lmao at you guys
    i wish i had this plate so i can have all that $$$$

  3. I have the damnedest story about a plate exactly like this.

    Sure, its value maybe at $3, but its sentimental value in my family is actually priceless.

    If anyone is interested in hearing it, let me know.

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