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Anything To PC Controller Adaptor

Someone just sent me the link to this site (Thanks Christopher!) and I have to say I`m impressed. It`s a new product, which is a pretty neat spin on a normally common idea.

The Retro Adapter is a device which lets you connect all types of old game controllers via USB.

By default, you can plug in Atari / Commodore style joysticks, Sega Master System / System III, and Sega Megadrive / Genesis (3 and 6 button) pads in to the 9 pin connector. Neo Geo joysticks / pads can be plugged directly in to the 15 pin connector.
For other systems all you need is the right connector, or you can modify the controller itself while still retaining compatibility with the original system.

Once plugged in, the Retro Adapter works just like any normal USB gamepad or joystick. No need for drivers or anything like that. It will work with any game or emulator, and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and the Playstation 3.

It`s even more unique because the Retro Adapter is also open source hardware and you can even download the complete schematics and source code to make your own.

You can also buy ready made adapters instead of making them yourself.
retro adaptors

Check out the site here.


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  1. Woohoo, thought you’d like it 🙂 Hopefully the guy who made it can make enough from some sales to make all the work he must’ve put in worth it. And I still hope he adds rumble support some day.

    Just incase people don’t notice, they are shipped from the UK but worldwide postage costs are available on request.

    Oh and, dunno if you saw but, here’s a vid of him talking about a prototype for the adaptor to the BBC:

  2. I’d definitely be interested in an N64->Wii adapter, the GC and classic pads just aren’t right for N64 games on the Virtual Console, especially when using an analogue stick for the c-buttons.

  3. Most of the games are indie titles but there are a few
    notable ‘normal’ games including the previously mentioned Final Fantasy III and Sonic 4 Episodes 1 and 2.

    Once installed the program can be run; however the frame
    rate of v – NES is rather slow on a Black – Berry Curve and there isn’t much that can be done to improve the performance.
    In some cases, they are not finished until long after anyone who
    knew the original creator had long passed.

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