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Nintendo Super Mario Princess Shampoo

I love random promo items, and the older and more non video game related the better.

High on that list is Shampoo.

The three bottles of these collectible 1990 Nintendo-licensed, Super Mario Bros.”Princess Shampoo” and “Princess Bubble Bath” from Revlon definitely fall into all of these categories.

Any liquid filled items are usually extremely hard to find in good condition, and these three bottles look great without any leakage or cracks.

I can’t see myself bidding even at the opening bid, but admittedly the price is somewhat reflective of the rarity.

Rare Nintendo Super Mario Princess Shampoo Revlon


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  1. hey how much did they go for? i have the yellow mario shampoo bottle and i want to get rid of it…but dont know much about em…let me know please? thank u!

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