Gold Nintendo World Championships 1990

Gold Nintendo World Championships 1990 charity auction

This must be featured in first place.

Other stuff:
Halo 3 recon custom engraved stone why?
Xbox Debugger with Lamborghini & Red Star hit the BIN!
Red Bull PSP
Nintendo Media Kit + Photographs NES SNES Promo Adverts
Virtual Boy Store Kiosk
Lots of Nintendo Marketing and promo insider’s stuff
Want to finally know the real value of the necklace Nintendo gave during a recent tournament? Follow this auction to get a reply.
New and even better Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace cels & BG
NOS Pokemon Bike unbelievable item.

I’m sure that at least 2 people that read this blog has been scammed with me trying to acquire a Navi Saturn from Proper75 (Adrian P.). I still don’t know if the police managed to catch him (we all hope so), but I feel that now I’ve been scammed again. Do you remember when I’ve featured the Nintendo promo cigar? Well, I’ve bought from Gameoverrg (James C. on the emails) a SNES sport bottle and the cigar, paid in May and…he disappeared. πŸ™
Always beware!

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. Here’s the guys address if anyone wants to see it in person πŸ˜‰
    7975 E Harvard Ave, Suite G
    Denver, CO 80231

  2. I really admire that 100% is going to a charity. Now some idiots 25k can help the people who need things, unlike a gold nintendo cart

  3. Not happy about that Xbox auction. Whoever bought it, you were ripped. The Lambo demo is just that, a demo, the ATV game was released by Parris and myself for free. Red Star is available online for free as well. The Far Cry thing is the only legit thing on the box. People selling publically available betas are not cool.

  4. And the box original sold for 150$ most likely if its the ones that are on AG, which I wouldnt doubt if they are grabbing all the free stuff that has been released. Which, more power to you, I dont mind someone making money, thats fine, but dont do it by selling stuff that is free.

  5. 100% of that GOLD NWC cart is going to Charity because the guy listing it is some christian retard who is doing what jesus would do. Man people are dumb. See what religion does? will even make you give up the holy grail of NES, an ACTUAL item versus some imaginary being.

  6. See what religion does? Now some people will be able to eat that would otherwise starve to death. Don’t store up your treasures on Earth. You can’t take them with you when you die.

  7. Oh please. Would you also like to see what religion does? Look up Westboro Baptist Church. Look up the fucking Crusades. Seriously, don’t even try that argument.

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