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Tengen Tetris with Nintendo License

Unreleased Nintendo NES Proto LICENSED Tengen Tetris

The two lines “licensed by Nintendo of America inc” are worth a lot.
Do you know the story behind the two versions of Tetris for the NES?
At the moment I don’t have the time to write nor my English is good enough. I will not post a Wiki link, instead I suggest you to check this interesting page on AtariHQ and I’d love if Link or someone else could write a full article on this extreme item.

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If x000 usd aren’t a good reason to buy a VCS and try this cart, then this cart might already be tested and it’s not the number 2

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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  1. Here’s a cool documentary (that Grooveraider posted) on youtube all about Tetris. I’m pretty sure I originally watched this on TechTV; pretty informative and the whole story and controversy!

  2. That link is fantastic! I just watched the first part, but I’m surprised how well done it is. I will make it a point to watch the rest this weekend. Thanks Limbo.

    As for the game itself, it’s much more than just two lines of unique text. The game is as different as the licensed and Tengen versions are to one another. The game closely resembles the arcade “Vs.” version with some additional options.

  3. 90 dollar shipping?! Seriously?! You know what I pay 90 dollar shipping for? When I bought my limited edition game gears and it was being shipped at once. I paid for the weight costs. Sadly the seller wasn’t using Flate-Rate from USPS. Oh well.

    Games like that are on average about 5 bucks if you do Flate-Rate.

  4. Okay, yes that shipping is excessive for it’s type, I’ve flagged it and reported it to ebay. If they can charge 90 bucks for shipping, then remind me to pull the same stunt with my Vintage model trains >.>;

    • If you bought something that was worth that much, do you really want the seller to ship it “first class mail”? I’d rather have it shipped overnight and insured. Under those conditions, $90 is not unreasonable.

      • Yeah, but do you really think he would have shipped it overnight and insured? He’d have stuffed in a padded envelope and shipped the slowest, cheapest way possible.

        And if you look at his other auctions, they are all the same thing. Selling something tiny for 99 cents with $30-60 shipping charges.

        If you have to add the line
        “Look at shipping charges before bidding”
        to your auction, it’s clearly a scam.

      • I finally get it. You’re defending excessive shipping. I accuse you of being the seller under a phony name.

  5. He is clearly trying to sell an almost surely standard cart that might be, like any others, an Atlantis 2, and he is trying to make money from shipping, thinking that someone will bite

  6. Even so, overnight shipping with insurance on a standard boxed game cart of any time is not 90 dollars. If I boxed my Hubby’s NWC, shipped it overnight anywere in the US with insurance, the total does not come out to 90 dollars.

    Nicola is right, that looks very very suspicious. And ebay has rules against shipping inflation.

  7. Whether his Atlantis 2 is valid or not, let’s not defend $90 shipping for a cartridge in an insured box.

    Fed-Ex doesn’t cost that much.

    That’s a scam, plain and simple.

  8. Item’s been removed by eBay. And every time that seller insists on re-listing it with excessive shipping, I will have it removed under eBay rules.

  9. Tegen / Nintendo Tetris has been pulled as well. If anyone sees this at some point down the road and wants to get in contact with the seller, just let me know. They expect a lot less than 10k.

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