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NES RetroVision – Play GameBoy On NES

This is basically the Super GameBoy, without the Super part. It’s a newer release from RetroUSB that allows you to play Game Boy on the Original NES.

From the “because I can” department comes the NES RetroVision for playing classic Game Boy games on your NES!

A first generation Game Boy is stuffed inside a NES cart and wired to a custom board to translate the GB graphics to the NES. All the original ports are still accessible so you can hook up headphones/speakers or connect multiple systems together with the link port. Because the full authentic board is used there are no game compatibility issues. Even use the Game Boy camera and printer!

If your front loader console has the audio resistor mod then the Game Boy audio is pumped through your NES. Other systems will need to use the headphone jack on the side of the cart. The cart will fit in a front loader however it will need the metal bar pulled out like with the Game Action Replay.

Using the 2nd controller the color palette can be swapped between 8 settings. The outside border can also be changed to the Game Boy border, black, white, or an extension of the GB colors. Custom color sets can easily be created if requested.

The RetroVision cart includes the Ciclone lockout chip for all NES console regions. The region can be changed by pushing the reset button when the console power light is blinking.

Order Here
– Currently Out Of Stock However


  1. LOL
    I bought a super game boy on a flea market for $5
    $125 lets suck those stupid nes collectors dry of there money.

    • Not missing any point, its cheaper to buy a SNES/GB version than to have this. Not to mention the guy is a total dick from what I hear along with most of the “mightier than thou” NES community that has complete sets of crap and they think they are so much better than everyone else.

      • That exactly shows you are missing the point. CHEAPER is not the goal, COOL is the whole reason for building that. If you bothered to read the link you would see its made very obvious by the creator that cost is not a concern.

        • Im not sure what is so “cool” about it. If you put in Mario 6 golden coins, it plays the exact same way on the tv as if it was playing on the SNES Adapter or the GC adapter. I dont see why/how thats “cool”. If spending $119 more dollars to play Barbie Ocean Discovery on the Nintendo vs the SNES is cool, then count me out.

  2. He has four available now.

    Anyways, the point of this is not to get GB playable on your TV. It’s cool in that it’s playable on the NES. Agreed that it is very pricey, but it’s also for a very niche market.

    As for comments about BunnyBoy I’ve had no issues with him, and exchanged many emails. Then again, I don’t find the “mightier than thou” NES community statement to be correct.

    To each their own.

  3. Link – thanks for picking up the story! Always a nice surprise to see my stuff here 🙂 Unfortunately it is out of stock again, possibly from this announcement! Hopefully will a few build more next week, but will definitely have one to demo at CGE.

    A couple weeks ago had a news post and I put more of the architectural details there if anyone is interested.

  4. Having received my copy I can attest to the coolness of this cart. Being able to play GB titles on NES hardware is awesome, and I’m looking forward to linking TVs in the future for some heads-up GB action (Something you can’t do with an original Super GB).

    Bunny has been a huge part of the retro collecting scene, and he’s one of the more humble members of the community. I’m looking forward to “wasting” more money of future releases.

  5. I have a Famicom Wideboy (what I would assume the Retrovision hardware is based off of) and even I still want one.

    • I just recent got a wideboy, but haven’t checked out what hardware it has yet. I also have the demovision (the box inside Game Boy kiosks) which inspired the name 🙂 It uses the MMC5 to handle the graphics which isn’t an option for me. They also both have the controller connected directly to the Game Boy, instead of passing it through the NES. Translating the LCD signals is really the only graphics option so any design will be similar.

  6. Why is this posted on game sniped? Is it rare NO,is it special NO.
    It almost looks like gamesniped advertisment.

    For people that look at this and are not part of the mightier crew.
    Al the post that are positive above^^ are from pink bunnyboys crew(and yes he is a dick, jake)

    Normal people see this for what it is.
    A $100 overpriced crap item.
    Want to play gameboy games on tv and cheap buy a super gameboy for a few dollar.
    Want to play gameboy AND gba games on tv buy the gamecube gameboy player.

    Want to look COOL !! buy bunnyboys item.
    You will overpay at least $100 and will be laughed at by everybody outside the mightier crew and look like a fool.i mean cool.

  7. A huge majority of the stuff we post isn’t rare, just look at all the memorabilia and promo items. And historically, I tend to post new releases for retro systems regardless of which console, or if the release is hardware or game.

    I have no intention of owning one, but I do think it’s cool and worth sharing.

    Everyone is welcome to their own opinion though. Bottom line is buy it if you want it, ignore it if you don’t.

  8. Link …
    Is this memorabilia,promo or historically?
    I dont think so.

    its not even cool.(but that a personal opion)

    buy it if you want it,ignore it if you don’t doesn’t cut it for me.
    If somebody (everybody except collectors) thinks its stupid or throwing $100 away .
    Its should be told (everybody is free too speak their mind)
    But its always the shame if somebody has a different opion then the mightier crew comes in too action,attacking everybody that think different.

    Also link.. if you posting new releases why is it always retrousb stuff?
    where is the d-pad hero 2 or neomyth 64 item? Just too name a few.
    This is not a personal attack on you link …but if your posting/supporting retrousb thats cool but at least be honest about it..or search harder for COOL items.

  9. God dammit Dutch, if you don’t like the site – don’t read it. I know I don’t speak for the majority here but your negativity, cynicism and accusation sof bias towards the guys who post and blog here is really quite pathetic.

    Again, if you don’t like what the guys post feel free to trawl through eBay yourself. The rest of us are greatful for the hard work Link and co. put into this site even if you aren’t.

    TL:DR – shut up dutch, you douchebag.

  10. Please remove your first words.
    Some people go to church and you should to.
    Because this is a epic fail of making me black as a person and spreading hate.
    ^^please mod this.

    I comment on this item and im bad talking this site??
    Come on.. i also commented the pepsi shirt..liked it,but didnt liked that it was dirty.
    Did this get 10+ comments? No because it wasnt from the mightier crew or retrousb.

    Your a douchebag lowlife duck and if your a man you will apologize for your words.
    And remove them.

    I commented because comments will help the site to the next level.

    Btw get some help.The church is always open.

  11. you commented because you’re an egotistical jerk who thinks he has the right to dictate what is uploaded / said on this website. nothing you say is anything other than vile, retaliatory, juvenile rubbish. how about removing yourself?

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