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Hideo Kojima Autograph Signing Poster

Rare poster from the event ph3ared posted last week. Even if attendees could easily grab one of these, numbers are still going to be pretty limited.


Thanks arakias!

Not surprisnly, there are several signed items starting to show up as well.

[phpbay]Hideo KOJIMA signed, 5, “”, “”[/phpbay]


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  1. Gee guess who bought it? 🙂

    Yes I was able to snag it before it appeared here. You guys are killin’ me posting all this MGS stuff. It’s competitive enough as it is heh.

    There are many MG items appearing. In France there are 4 signed litho’s #’d to 99 each that are really hot right now.

  2. Sorry forgot something last msg can’t edit. Phr3ared do you know how many roughly were at the signing? The guy I got it from says his count was 8. Is this accurate? We have a database of all MG items so this is important to determine it’s ranking.

  3. these posters are super limited. i would imagine there were roughly 3 or 4 made. there were 2 at the door displayed for the entire week or day. its very rare i’d say since it is an ad poster. congrats!

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