Entex Adventure Vision Console

This was mentioned already by Nicola, but the rare and expensive system deserves another glance.

The Adventure Vision was a handheld cartridge-based video game console released by Entex Industries in 1982. It’s often considered to be a failed system as it was a tabletop console that was much too large and fragile to be used effectively for handheld purposes.

Rather than using an LCD screen or an external television set like other systems of the time, the Adventure Vision uses a single vertical line of 40 red LEDs combined with a spinning mirror inside the casing. From what I hear, the thing DRAINS batteries in no time.

According to the auction, estimates are that only about 50,000 of them were sold, and only about 100 of those still exist today.

While there are only four cartridges for this system, those four games are all arcade classics, Turtles, Super Cobra, Defender, and an Asteroids clone, Space Force. This auction includes the first two.

Auction Here


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  1. “According to the auction, estimates are that only about 50,000 of them were sold, and only about 100 of those still exist today.”

    I would assume it’s more in the thousands of units remaining.

    Unless people started burying along side the E.T. carts. 😛

    • i dont know were people get 50,000 from when they only made 1000 carts of each game. If there were 50,000 these would come up more often for sale and the ones the do come up for sale are typically the same ones over and over again they just change collectors. Theres probably at most 10,000 that were made. 100 that still work is high knowing how this system works.

  2. 50,000 made but only 100 exist? How does ANYONE possibly know this. Its impossible for anyone to know. There very well could be 45,000 still exist out there. Its the same with the nes game Stadium Events….people say only a few hundred out there….no one knows, thats just a guess. There could be crates of the things out there in a warehouse or boxes in someones basement.

  3. Again?

    Does everything rare have a REALLY need a “secret-warehouse-crate-conspiracy-theory” ????

    The numbers stated in the auction are questionable. No need to get loopy.

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