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Halo 2600

I actually meant to plug this when it first became available.

Halo, one of the decade’s most renowned video game franchises, has finally found a home on the Atari 2600! In this special version of Halo, you play the role of Master Chief as he battles his way through 64 screens! Locate weapons and power-ups that will help you defeat increasingly aggressive enemies! Watch for special Shield power-ups that will give you a second chance when engaging an onslaught of Elites!

Halo 2600 was programmed by Ed Fries in just 4K of space. We’ve made this new game freely available for you to enjoy in your favorite emulator or on real hardware via devices such as the Harmony Cartridge. You can download the game from this thread as well as discuss the game with its creator, Ed Fries. We made a limited number of Halo 2600 cartridges available for those attending the Classic Gaming Expo this weekend! The carts are adorned with a beautiful label designed by Mike Mika.

Do you have what it takes to tackle the four different zones and infiltrate the Covenant base? Can you reach and defeat the final boss? Humanity is counting on you!

You can download the rom here, up pick up a cart at the link below. From what I understand, aside from eBay the cart is sold out, but there will be a second run.

Auction Here

(Thanks Lee)

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