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Atari, Sega, and X-Box… OH MY!!!

Here’s a quick list of interesting items!! I hope you all are enjoying my posts as a new contributor to gameSniped! Let me know if you want me to change the way I do anything or what I post. I’m open for criticism! πŸ™‚

Original X-BOX Refresh Disc

Zelda Game Watch Mock-Up Model

Vintage Super Mario Bros. 2 Shirt

Atlus Deus Trade Demo

Gamecube Paper Mario For Display Only

Atomic Runner Prototype for Sega Genesis

Donkey Kong Sugar Crisp Promo Poster

General Chaos Beta for Sega Genesis

Brutal Legend Limited LP Cover

2 Atari Unused Prototype Cartridges

Vintage Nintendo Fun Club Sticker

New Pac-Man Pocket Game



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  1. That Fun Club News sticker is tempting. I used to have a bunch of these myself, but stuck them all to various things. πŸ™

    I’m just not too sure about the seller. I normally don’t buy from any sellers with less than 99% feedback and he has 96.3%.
    Stickers are so easily duped these days.

    Has anyone bought from this seller before?

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